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Auditing service is one of the key services and important long-term strategy of Viet My audit firm, Viet My Professional Auditing uses the most advanced audit process based on risk assessment. systematic risk and characteristics of each customer to conduct the audit in the most effective way. Audits are always conducted with the supervision and guidance of experts and auditors and senior government advisors.
kiểm toán việt mỹ
Vietnamese American Auditor
With the experience of a team of auditors, board of directors and experts in many business fields: such as manufacturing, trading, investment, construction and banking and finance; we can plan the time, approach and audit procedures in the most effective way, adjusting it to suit the system and the actual situation of each business.
In the event that audit fees tend to increase, we always try to minimize costs for clients through risk analysis and system evaluation combined with the experience and knowledge of the We are in the customer’s business
Your concern:
– Your business is required to be audited according to regulations
Your business is a multinational and is in need of a globally consistent audit approach to financial statement audits.
– You are in the stage of exploration and selection of audit firms
– You want your current audit firm to focus on providing non-audit services to your business and you need a new audit firm
– You want the auditor to understand your business and field of activity to conduct an effective audit
Auditing services of  Viet My – VATC always meet:
– Audited financial statements
– Operational audit
– Compliance audit
– Internal audit, review business activities
– Auditing the completed investment capital settlement report
– Auditing project settlement reports.