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Not only coming to customers through consulting and auditing services, we also directly train short-term accounting classes, chief accountants and tax training for accountants. of each customer.
With a strategic and long-term association with the Vietnam Association of Accountants and Auditors, with professors, experts and specialists in universities in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, tax agencies, banks, because Therefore, we are always ready to meet the training requirements of the company’s employees as well as students in the fields of finance-accounting-audit at universities, colleges and intermediate schools.
With rich audit and consulting experience in many fields combined with the participation of professors, doctors, and financial experts who are trained and regularly updated with knowledge of the law and environment. business and grasp the urgent needs of businesses, we help businesses build a strong financial accounting system, meet the development needs of the leadership and meet business opportunities. innovation of the business, creating practical internal resources and deep understanding for students and employees when they first step into the path of finance – accounting – auditing.
Human resource training
– Corporate accounting training
– Training chief accountant
– Đào tạo các lớp khai báo thuế, cập nhật chính sách thuế, hệ thống về thuế.
– Đào tạo hướng dẫn sinh viên, nhân viên đã đi làm về kinh nghiệm kế toán, kiểm toán thực tiễn.
– Đào tạo các chính sách về tài chính kế toán, thuế khác.