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Financial accounting is an important factor determining the existence and development of an enterprise, financial management and accounting is an indispensable measure of any business, any large-scale unit. Whether it is a small or medium-sized enterprise, a manufacturing, construction, trade or service business or a private enterprise, all must focus on accounting and financial management.
The frequent change of accounting personnel makes the company’s board of directors worried. Weak accounting personnel have no experience in solving financial and accounting problems. Accounting personnel always require salary increases or have more rights, while meeting the job is not as desired by the Board of Directors.
As a business owner, you will hire staff to do the accounting work yourself or hire accounting services from outside professional service companies.
The test board lists some characteristics of the following two factors between the individual (accountant) and the service company:
1. Accounting at the unit:
– Regularly present at the unit.
-Can perform other jobs besides the main accounting job.
-It is possible that frequent personnel changes make you nervous.
-There are many accountants who do not have much experience in accounting, sometimes they do not update the current law on accounting regime in a timely manner. Not enough collision and cumulative experience when dealing with real-life scenarios of real economic transactions.
-The cost of salaries for qualified accountants to perform accounting work is often very high.
Suitable: Large enterprises.
2. Accounting services:
– Always accompanies the business every step of the way.
– Service costs are always lower than hiring qualified accountants.
– Stay up-to-date on current laws and accounting regimes, bringing practical benefits to businesses.
– Most of the accounting staff are people with long-term experience in finance and accounting, approaching and handling many types and sizes of businesses.
– Not often present at the unit.
-Can’t do many other jobs at the same time besides the main job related to the accounting field.
Suitable: Small and medium sized businesses.
In addition to the advantages of professional service companies, when coming to the accounting services of Viet My Auditing Company – VATC, you will be assured of the quality of accounting by the process of handling accounting operations, certificates. From accounting, it goes through the basic review stages of the Auditor, the Board of Directors and the Senior Professional Advisory Board.
We work with the motto “Your work is our job”, the good business results of your business is the happiness accompanying our business!
Our service Viet My – VATC always meets:
–  Receive monthly accounting entries, prepare monthly and quarterly financial statements, annual financial statements, and annual tax finalization. Establish a system to consolidate financial statements, convert financial statements to international accounting standards.
–  Reviewing financial statements, checking reasonable expenses, accounting documents for the unit.
–  Receive and complete and troubleshoot accounting books for the unit in the years it has operated.
–  Receiving personnel, consulting or directly explaining to the tax agency the state management unit about accounting books.
–  Train and guide unit accountants on accounting operations, regulations and changes of accounting regimes and accounting standards.
–   Provide accounting services in the package:   direct accounting staff, chief accountant and solve arising problems related to tax authorities, state management.