According to the Regulations, construction works using state capital must be audited by an independent audit unit before submitting to financial authorities for checking and settlement. In addition, the construction works using the enterprise’s capital are also encouraged to be audited by financial authorities. We, Viet My Auditing Co., Ltd. have also provided this service in the provinces likes : Ho Chi Minh City, Vinh Long, An Giang, Hau Giang, Bac Lieu, Hanoi, Hai Phong, Lao Cai…….Viet My understands the complexity of this service, so we always adhere to the standard. , legal regulations and due diligence.

1. Scope of Service:

– Auditing the completed project settlement report;

– Auditing and finalizing construction investment costs.

2. Basis for performance and Purpose of the service:

Basis for implementation: The above services are performed on the basis of compliance with the State’s laws on construction investment management, construction cost management, construction law, bidding law and relevant regulations for different types of projects/works (Civil, Industrial, Transport, Technical Infrastructure, Agriculture and Rural Development,…) and Investment capital sources (State budget, Foreign state capital, ODA capital, Enterprise capital, Other capital, etc…).

Purpose of the Service: To help investors, state management agencies, and business agencies complete the procedures in the process of managing and implementing projects according to current regulations, and at the same time provide relevant parties with information, data, unreasonable costs and reliable opinions in reviewing and approving the cost estimate of the work, approving the final settlement of the completed project; Control and manage costs in construction investment; contractor selection; selection of investment partners, capital contribution; as well as for other purposes such as mortgage, loan, transfer, equitization of enterprises…….according to the provisions of law.

3. Steps to perform Audit:

4. Planning Audit: We will conduct the preparation of the Audit Plan immediately after being appointed as the Project’s auditor. We perform the following work steps:

– Approach and interview the Investor and other relevant parties;

– Defining the objectives, scope and methods of implementation;

– Collecting general information about the project;

– Preliminary review of the completed project settlement report;

– General audit planning;

– Assign tasks in the audit team; Develop audit program;

– Collect all necessary documents for the audit;

– Collect actual information at the Investor’s office.

5. Conduct audits:

– Checking the project’s legal documents.

– Checking the total project investment according to the capital source and capital structure of the project.

– Checking the settlement value of the Construction section.

– Checking the final settlement value of the equipment part.

– Checking the cost of compensation for site clearance and resettlement.

– Checking the cost of clearing mines and explosives.

– Checking the settlement value of investment consulting expenses and other expenses.

– Checking investment expenses that are not included in the asset value.

– Checking the value of fixed and liquid assets handed over.

– Checking the status of outstanding debts, materials and equipment.

– Checking the finalization report and the finalization file of the project items.

6. Audit quality control:

– The entire audit work is controlled by the Audit Lead (Head of the Audit Team), the Audit Quality Control Department and the members of the Board of Directors who control the quality of the audit;

– The purpose of audit quality control is to ensure the provision of quality assurance and consulting services to the maximum benefit to customers.

7. Prepare Audit Report:

– Summarize all audit results;

– Prepare draft audit report;

– Send the Draft Audit Report to the Investor;

– Communicate with the Investor and related parties about audit data;

– Finalize the audit report and release it officially.

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